Movie Part

Before and after green screen

Before and after green screen

Paul and Marian play the vicar and his glamorous wife in the musical comedy The Adventures of Paul and Marian. The movie Paul and Marian are played by the dashingly handsome Paul Herbig and oh so lovely Marian Brock. Our Paul is the motorcycling vicar who has to marry the younger Paul and Marian. The entire movie was filmed on green screen in New York by the gifted visionary producer Jay Stern. Our Paul was first invited onto television in July 1989 to be interviewed about street violence, but completely froze and didn’t even shake the hand of the lady director so was driven home! In 1993 he was invited onto The Big Breakfast as ‘The Clint Vicar’ with Angela Bassett, who had just played Tina Turner. Angela gave him a kiss on the cheek and he has never been the same since! Here’s the latest movie update.

The Adventures of Paul and Marian Movie Poster


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