Paul’s Book

Paul’s humorous hard back Now Open Sundays! sold out in months and is on it’s second print. Here is The Daily Mail review and The Daily Mail story that led Anova to invite Paul to write it. The book has been featured in the papers, on TV and on many radio interviews.

Now Open Sundays! by Rev Paul Sinclair

This is a Gift Book that you can give to someone who is interested in God, but needs to know that walking with him can be an adventure and quite enjoyable.

From the book Now Open Sundays!

It also serves as a Coffee Table Book where guests can pick it up and have a good laugh at the signs, but equally as an inspirational book with a true story that lifts the spirit.

From the book Now Open Sundays!

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This one never made the book. A wee treat for you.


3 Responses to Paul’s Book

  1. Arild says:

    Hi just want to say that I just love your book ” Now open sundays”. I love your style and way of doing things. A big inspiration. Thanks

    A bunch of friends and me from Holy Riders Norway come to the UK for a short trip to ACE Cafe and Santa pod. Last weekend in Oktober so if you are preaching any place around London 30. October tell us and maybe we visit you

  2. Shannon says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have had some interest in church signs for a while now and following some research, of course I stumbled onto the work that you have done. I would love to get in contact regarding a project that I am looking to get together. What do you think would be the chance? I hope to hear from you at your convenience.

  3. George Jock Reid says:

    Just finished your book!! Its the best £7 ive spent for a long while. God bless. George, Glenboig.

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