Paul and Marian

The Classic Combination

The Classic Combination

Paul Sinclair was dubbed the Faster Pastor by Bertie Simmonds of Bike Magazine in 1996. Paul became known through his efforts to build the congregation and secure unavailable buildings in Willesden, London using his humour and motorcycle. This is when was first featured on both national television and the papers. Paul has 28 years ministry as a pastor, speaker, published author and writer with television, press and radio experience.  Marian, a chef manager of 30 years, has ministered in song for decades. Together they serve Coton Green Church.

Paul and Marian in the upcoming movie The Adventures of Paul and Marian

Paul and Marian in the movie The Adventures of Paul and Marian

 Paul and Marian – Youtube 


4 Responses to Paul and Marian

  1. Esther says:

    Lovely, witty and blessing blogs. God bless both of you.

  2. Irene Moore says:

    Hi Paul and Marian, Our Minister has recently purchased your book A Celebration of Signs from a Church with a message. We think that the sayings are great and with your permission we would like to have 4 banners made copying your slogans as follows:
    1 Mission Impossible? With God all things are possible
    2 Carpenter of Nazareth seeks joiners. Apply within – Sunday 10.45am
    3 2,000 years old, and still under the maker’s guarantee
    4 Feeling run down? Then why not come in for a service?
    We are planning to have the banners made and change them on a regular basis. We need to attract people to the church and we feel that these slogans will help. Would you give us permission to use your wording please?
    Yours in Christ
    Irene Moore

    • Hello Irene,
      How wonderful to see you looking outwards.
      It is very important you don’t use any of the ones that include people’s names or images, such as Clint Eastwood, or company’s names or images, such as Allsorts. If you do hope to use people or companies always write to them first and ensure they are happy about it. Allsorts, for example, were fantastic. After I wrote to them and went to see them they gave me the Bertie Bassets, the huge box of Allsorts and so on. If anyone says no thank them for taking the time to reply and just respect that.
      Try to be topical and relevant to your own community. If you take notice of them and what concerns them they will take notice of you. Don’t ever do ‘CH_ _ CH, what is missing?’ I managed to avoid that completely. It is the most over used one ever and most quoted by church type folk, but your job is to attract those who don’t go to church. Please never lose sight of who the signs are for, that way you will stay fresh and interesting to them.
      All the best.

  3. Mary Mensah says:

    Hi paul, hope you and your family are well. Enjoyed myself looking at your website. You always liked a laugh, be blessed

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