Coton Green Cafe Church in Tamworth

Costa Coffee - Ventura Park, Tamworth

Triumph Speed Triple 955i outside Costa Coffee, Ventura Park, Tamworth

Paul was invited to host the Cafe Church at Costa Coffee in Ventura Park, Tamworth. Each month the Cafe Church gives their guest speaker a topic and Paul’s was, “is honesty always the best policy?” This is not as black and white as it sounds, take diplomacy for example, is that an honest means of communication? By way of example Paul shared the heart rendering story of how he is having to buy a new motorbike. Clearly in pain he told the Costa Coffee congregation of how he had bought his beloved and faithful Triumph Speed Triple 955i in 2001 and how he and Marian went everywhere on it. Sadly, perhaps due to the rain, the back seat seems to have shrunk over the years and now eleven years on it is so small that Marian’s blessed behind has no chance. Who would have thought that such a fine specimen of British engineering is actually made up of so many shrinking components? Even the shock absorbers don’t last so long any more. As such Paul is buying an old BMW R100RS, because those Germans know how to build a seat that will last! So is diplomacy really the most honest policy? You decide!

Paul Sinclair speaking at Tamworth Cafe Church

Paul Sinclair speaking at Tamworth Cafe Church – Photo by David Bailey

The Cafe Church is a fantastic initiative where folk enjoy good company and have a lot of fun while being the church (the church is the people remember) in a non churchy environment. Best of all it enables people of all ages to invite their friends, especially friends who would like to know more but aren’t too keen on religiosity. The Coton Green Centre is a fabulous facility, yet the people there realise their purpose is to reach the neighbourhood for The Lord and so much so they vacate their very own premises to reach out to the community here at Costa Coffee. Cafe Church is not original to Coton Green, in fact they pretty well did this in the New Testament, but it was a first for us and we hope it inspires you to think of creative and effective ways to share the great message we have.

Coton Green Team in burgundy

Coton Green Team in burgundy

Let’s close on honesty. The most important area of honesty is in being honest to God! “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us!” John 1:8. You’ve got to be honest to God about yourself, that you are a sinner and you need a saviour.


About Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair, often referred to as The Faster Pastor, has 30 years proven ministry as a pastor, speaker, published author and writer. His wife Marian is from Ghana and has been a minister in song for as many years. When Marian sings… expect an anointing!
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2 Responses to Coton Green Cafe Church in Tamworth

  1. Tim Beaumont says:

    What a great evening! Paul was fantastic. He is a really funny guy and a great communicator. He struck at good balance with the issue of honesty. So pleased I went along.

  2. Dave Bailey says:

    It was a fun informative and extremely entertaining evening. Paul is a gifted communicator connecting well with the audience which ranged from teenagers to senior citizens. Really enjoyed it!

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