Religion is the cause of all wars

If you genuinely believe you shouldn’t follow the belief system of those who started most wars this article is for you.

Spanish Civil War

This is old pub-talk chestnut has returned due to our casualties in Afghanistan and the fundamentalist extremism of Islam, which is completely opposed to Christianity, actively murdering and torturing Christians in many countries today. Some people use this as a reason to say no to church and put both religions in one bag, which is like saying you believe bull fighting to be a cruel and unethical sport, therefore you will never watch a game of tennis again! After all, they are both sports. It is also like watching someone killed by a military bomber and then refusing to get on a domestic flight, because they are both aeroplanes! Islamic based war is on the increase and you may argue Jewish as well, but to state that religion is the cause of all or most wars I will disprove.

Chinese Poster

Difference of religion was far from the cause of war in the last century. Many died in the extended Cold War and that had nothing to do with religion at all. 8,500,000 soldiers died in World War One, 20,000,000 in World War Two, 1,200,000 in the Korean War, 1,200,000 in the Chinese Civil War (1945-1949) and 1,200,000 in the Vietnam War. In the Iraq v’s Iran War 850,000, Russian Civil War 800,000 and earlier Chinese Civil War (1927-1937) 400,000. Add to that the French Indochina WarMexican RevolutionSpanish Civil WarFrench Algerian WarSoviet Afghanistan WarRussian Japanese WarRif Warfirst Sudanese Civil warRussian Polish WarBiafran WarChaco War and Abyssinian War we reach 35-40,000,000 soldiers who died in the last century as a result of wars started by Godless people. Stalin, an Atheist, killed millions of his own people, 1,400,000 more were murdered by the Atheist Pol Pot and 300,000 were killed in Uganda by Idi Amin, a genocide rather than a war I accept, but again the actions were ethnic and power inspired.

Admittedly he had style!

People go to war to defend against aggression, to recover something wrongfully taken, in dispute over land, over political ideology, for financial advancement, due to broken agreements, in rebellion and out of greed or demand for justice. Not to forget the wars caused by complete nut cases as well. For sure there are leaders who embrace religion to build an army and gain support, but look at what they do after the war is won, they take political power, not spiritual! People cast up Northern Ireland to support their case that religion is the cause, but where are the leaders of the former paramilitary organisations trying to gain power now, is it in church or is it in government? Where do you see them seek expansion, in nationalism (whether Republican or Sovereign) or in evangelism? In Northern Ireland religion was a tool, not a goal. Either way, in the last century religion was far from the cause of all wars, unless of course you class Atheism as a religion!

Chairman Mao

In the 20th Century not one of the major wars was started because of religion and about 50,000,000 people died as a result. If you genuinely believe you shouldn’t follow the belief system of those who started most wars, then should you really follow the belief systems of these?


About Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair, often referred to as The Faster Pastor, has 30 years proven ministry as a pastor, speaker, published author and writer. His wife Marian is from Ghana and has been a minister in song for as many years. When Marian sings… expect an anointing!
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