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Rev Gordon Neale holds the record for dedicating the most sidecar-hearses!

The biggest fear about leaving denominational ministry is that you won’t be seen as a proper minister any more. Well meaning friends tell you never to give up your card, so this worries you. If you have proved your ministry and realise a similar, albeit larger, setting or the denominational career ladder is not for you don’t worry about losing credibility by giving up your plastic card as people who count look at your life, track record and God’s anointing. Without those you’d best cling to your institution tooth and nail! After I sent in my notice my superintendent Rev. Gordon Neale told me something very encouraging I’d never heard before, “the way you leave is the way you launch.” He knew many people who had done the same and watched God take them on to great things. I think he got wrapped on the knuckles for his positive and upbeat approach, but good on him!

The following messages were put on Facebook when we took the jump and I’ve placed a few items alongside them to show how some highlights of our first year.

Every blessing to Classic Combination!
Alison Atkinson

I am not surprised by your move in fact I am excited. I always saw immense potential in you both and am delighted that you are gonna minister as a Husband & wife team. Paul, haven’t forgotten the role you played by opening your doors at Willesden church as we came as missionaries on the Love London Project in 2000. All the 12 teams were blessed thru’ your care & compassion. You had no fear to give your premises to be used by us for training etc. We owe you! I am sure its a new season for you & Marian. It’s just beginning of a huge blessing ministry that God is gonna use you guys to bless many… Blessing & looking forward to work with you in the future.
Siva Ponnambalam

Paul – finished reading the book you wrote – “Now open on Sundays” . I laughed so hard I cried – the story of the Tie parable in the USA had me gasping for breath on the floor! – its brilliant. Paul, you really have a Gift and this book (as well as knowing you as a mate) has drawn me closer to God. I love the Adam and Eve simplicity of a Christian faith – it doesn’t need to be difficult to love God.
Pete Disney

Your Genius in those posters was as such. Genius. I loved each and every one, making me disappointed when the book ended as I just wanted more. – God has a humour, and these posters would have saved people. End Of. I know people, even me, who would have seen these extra ordinary drapings and – Cheezy, funny; grin-a-minute would have drawn people in! – in the same way a “you can’t lose” fluffy toy game at a fun-fair. Cheezy? – sure!, but I’ll bloody have a go!! Simply fantastic.
God doesn’t stop using people, and he’s certainly had some mileage out of you! – You will carry on inspiring, and fishing…
Wherever you guys go you will be a blessing – you just can’t help it!
“Orrabest” xx.
Trina Porter

All of these books were snatched up in Glasgow.

Good on you both! There is so much to be done out there and lots of needy people to be reached. Don’t limit yourselves to churches as many people won’t go into one now, others prefer to go to neutral places to hear about the Lord. God bless you as you take this massive step with Him and for Him. you certainly have a wonderful gift and ministry, so i know you will continue to see much fruit. will be praying for you and definitely would recommend you to anyone! Go for it, Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Rosemary Millar

Will recommend you everywhere I go mate – ” The Faster Pastor is Back in Black!!!
Al Porter

I am sure you and Marian will be used of the Father greatly and bless many with the gospel and anointing that the Lord has given you to impart. There are so many changes going on as the Father positions His servants anew and afresh around the globe. I will not only keep it in the back of my mind but will also lift you up in prayer that the Holy Spirit will give you the utterance that is needed to make known the mysteries of the gospel for which you are ambassadors in love and bonds. God bless and look forward hear from you again.
Alphonso Belin

I think it is a great move Paul. I will be praying and passing the word around of your availability. Hopefully we can meet up to chat sometime. God Bless
Andrew Castle

It takes courage
To be a REAL man or a TRUE woman,
To hold fast to your ideals
When it causes you
To be looked upon
As strange and peculiar. GO FOR IT.
Clive Jackson

I stand in awe of the Faster Pastor, my good friend Paul Sinclair! One of the funniest people I know! If anybody needs a husband and wife guest speaker look no further. Check out his book on funny church signs by going to Amazon and then searching for Paul Sinclair.
Marco Palmer

Hi Paul, great to hear of your new ministry. I know you and Marion will continue to do a great job and have a huge impact on may people’s lives.
Brenda Hall

Hey Paul, all the best in your new grand adventure! What would life be like if we stayed in the one place all the time? I know it will go well for you, makes life interesting too!
Abigail Porter

Paul! That’s exciting news isn’t it! I think change is always good, especially after 25 years! I love the idea of the husband and wife ministry approach.
Jo Parkes

25 Years! That is fabulous, and what better way to demonstrate commitment to each other? I go with Jo Parkes. You must trust your faith and instinct. It has served you well so far and you are doubtless made for each other. Looking forward to seeing you both up here soon.
Colin Liddell

Blessings to you both and prayers that He will open doors and take your feet in the right direction. An exciting new beginning.
Sue Butler

Bro! Excited to hear about the new season of ministry! You guys are going to be such a blessing. Let me know when you head stateside!!
Andrew J Willis

Yes this witnesses with us – go for it!
Go with what is on your heart and aim to walk in step with His timing.
Richard and Elisabeth Tootill

All the best to you Paul as you step out in this. have fun.
Phil Woolridge

Are motorcycle balancing stunts going to be part of your ministry? That’ll drag’em into church! Seriously though, glad to hear you’re stepping out – blessings and love to you and Marian x
David Knowles

I wanted to write good luck with your new venture Paul and Marian but you don’t need it – you are doing what you believe is God’s will for you and to help others.
Colin Shinkin

Oh My goodness!!! This is EXACTLY what you should be doing – I soooo can’t wait to meet Marian here in New Zealand. Awesome! awesome! awesome!
Raquel Sims

Brilliant – you will be much blessed and used. Do you have any fliers/business cards for handing out? If so please send me some. Also can you let me have your new mobile number – your old number is being used by someone else. Thanks my friend.
Bob Hawthorne

Paul, great to hear you and Marian have a great vision,you are a real down to earth minister and its something the world needs at the moment,as for Marian she is a real blessing and a joy to be around so can only see great things coming from this ministry, God bless you both. x
Martin Cheese

A move in a direction that will bless you and all you touch. Be blessed.
Ant Potter

Paul, great to hear that you and Marian are stepping out into a new phase of ministry! God bless you both for the future. I look forward to you coming to sing and preach at
Chris Denne

I’m hardly surprised you two made our wedding unforgettable..xx
Tamla Cooper-King

You married someone with good looks and talent. My wife did the same 🙂
Robert Chorley


About Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair, often referred to as The Faster Pastor, has 30 years proven ministry as a pastor, speaker, published author and writer. His wife Marian is from Ghana and has been a minister in song for as many years. When Marian sings… expect an anointing!
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