The CofE Heatheren

It was a great privilege to be invited as a combination to the historic St. John the Baptist’s Church of England in Heather, Leicestershire. I preached the Gospel and Marian sang. Heather is not pronounced as we Scots pronounce it, but rather as Hee-There.

Sneak preview of the St George and the dragon for the Heather Scarecrow Festival 2011

Heather in Leicestershire is the village where we live and it truly is a wonderful place. We have our own football club, complete with floodlights, our famous scarecrow festival, a flower festival, a tasteful biker’s pub, an annual music festival and some pretty big concerts too. Next month Kelis is bringing her milkshakes to the yard! We’ve even got the local community cop, Kevin, looking after us all and teaching the kids bicycling skills. But best of all, right in the middle, is this beautifully kept historic church, complete with a very committed and friendly congregation too.

Marian with her Heather St. John the Baptist co-ordinated dress

But where are the Heatheren?

Beautiful as the building is and committed as the congregation are I reckon we could reach more of the local Heather folk, or Heatherns as I like to affectionately call them. So, million dollar question, what stops the Heatheren from coming to church? Let me get back in the pulpit to suggest a few reasons and give a few answers.

Paul in the Heather St. John's pulpit

A message to the Heatheren

“I don’t go to church because, I don’t have time for God, I’ve got things to do, places to be and the weather is great.” You might say that, but fortunately this is not how God looks at you, he never said, “I don’t have time for you, I’ve got things to do, I’m Omnipresent you know so I’ve got to be everywhere… and I actually make the weather!” No, quite the opposite for ‘God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’ Not only does he have time for you, he died for you and believe me, he could be doing a lot of things rather than bother with you at all, but he does. Isn’t someone who cares about you that much worth a bit of time?

I did list a few more reasons, but I’ve since taken them off as it occurs to me that rather than me guess you can just tell me on here straight out and let us see if we can come up with a good enough reply. Howzthat?

Marian singing in Heather

In the village of Heather we have a beautiful historic church that is well-kept and well worth visiting. The congregation is sincere and most importantly, God is with them! If you have lived with no time for God and you live in Heather I humbly suggest you think again, for He has time for you, so much so he sent his son to die for you! Don’t wait until Christmas or Easter for this is the time to make time for he who gave time for you.


About Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair, often referred to as The Faster Pastor, has 30 years proven ministry as a pastor, speaker, published author and writer. His wife Marian is from Ghana and has been a minister in song for as many years. When Marian sings… expect an anointing!
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3 Responses to The CofE Heatheren

  1. Traci Jones says:

    Loving your line “Next month Kelis is bringing her milkshakes to the yard!” Sheer brilliance! x

  2. marian says:

    huby preached a powerful message i went bleesed.i love wher we live i feel blessed and very priviledged.

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