Sidecar Hearse Cocktail Launch

Today Paul launched his new cocktail, the Sidecar Hearse Cocktail, at the National Funeral Exhibition.

Our bar at the National Funeral Exhibition 2011. Our seating and display area, same size of area, is out of shot.

For some time now I’ve wanted to do this, but I needed to get the mix right and the time right too. As the NFE coincides with the completion of nine years service, where better?

My goal was to pay homage to the Classic Sidecar Cocktail while equally providing it with a relevant spin. To look like a sidecar hearse as opposed to a normal sidecar the Sidecar Hearse Cocktail would need to be darker, but it was of course vital the darkening ingredient would compliment the orange flavoured liqueur to remain true to the Classic Sidecar theme. The Classic Sidecar is also a ‘warmer,’ hence its name as it would warm the freezing sidecar occupant. As we provide funerals hail, rain or snow we know the need of a heat, so it made sense to ensure the Sidecar Hearse remained a warmer.

The French version of the Classic Sidecar involves two equal measures, which is the approach we took, rather than the normal British approach where there is one shot more of brandy. Having said that a certain Mr Fordingham Junior of Kent did later opt for the full British measure Sidecar Cocktail with Tia Maria on top, thus four shots!

The First Sidecar Hearse Cocktail 
One shot of brandy (we used Napoleon due to French measures)
One shot of orange liqueur (we used Cointreau)
One shot Coffee based liqueur (we used Tia Maria)
Fresh Lemon (it is vital you use real fresh lemons)
Shaken in ice

Unlike our working motorcycle and sidecar hearses I’ve sought no patent on the Sidecar Hearse Cocktail as this is my gift from Motorcycle Funerals Limited to the world.

Marian sits on a real motorbike and sidecar hearse

It has always saddened me that there are at least three different versions to the story of how The Classic Sidecar Cocktail was formed, but today with this blog and YouTube I’m hoping the launch will stand the test of time so that cocktail drinkers will know it really was created by a real live sidecar hearse rider. I have added to this YouTube film a number of testimonials from Sidecar Hearse Cocktail samplers, all of which are British funeral professionals.

Please forgive the non Sidecar Cocktail cups. This launch was at the National Funeral Exhibition where we had to cater for literally hundreds of funeral professionals.

Card Reads: Competition: How fast can our new Suzuki Hayabusa Hearse go flat-out, with a funeral director?

In closing I would like to thank Rodd & Aleta Christensen, Marco Palmer and Jon Commons for their help in my research as well as Ross, barman at The Vic Biker’s Pub, for making actually it!

Motorcycle Funerals Limited:


About Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair, often referred to as The Faster Pastor, has 30 years proven ministry as a pastor, speaker, published author and writer. His wife Marian is from Ghana and has been a minister in song for as many years. When Marian sings… expect an anointing!
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One Response to Sidecar Hearse Cocktail Launch

  1. Ronnie Libra says:

    Very cool. I will make one soon. I promise, and I will report back here. Incidentally, as a Mixilogist, I would have to ask you the question. HOW much Sugar? Question two, have you tried simple syrup, which is more likely to be available at the bar I work at AND is already dissolved so when I decide to serve this to a guest, it’s already done! 😉 ?

    PS – I just decided when I die that this would be the coolest way for them to transport my body.. Done deal. It’s decided. .. Cheers!

    Ps – I linked you up to my blog:

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