Fradley Advanced Motorcyclists

Today Paul and Marian went as a combination to visit the Advanced Motorcycle Group that meets in Fradley, Staffordshire.

Amazing Grace

After the most difficult road knowledge legalities quiz I’ve ever heard in my life Marian kicked off with Amazing Grace. Odd as it may sound I felt more like I was in church than in some churches! Folk was very welcoming, friendly, took a keen interest in what we were doing, fed us sausage baps and clapped very enthusiastically to encourage Marian. The only thing missing was the collection. I can live with that particular omission!

Paul in full swing

Bill Hollingshead works hard behind the scenes as without doubt others do too, but it was him I had to work with. He put together a great programme, power-point presentation and even took the photos! However, the show was stolen from him by this lovely young lady who kept us company while people were arriving.

Delightful young lady called Shevell

It never fails to amaze me just how far from the truth the general media representation of the biking world is. I really do wish that every journalist in training was forced to attend a motorcycle enthusiast’s club. Anyway, lets not start to gripe!

Fradley Advanced Motorcyclist

Although Now Open Sundays! sold out in the shops some months ago I do have a few to take around with me and I’m pleased to say I cleared the whole lot I had with me. Just as well they never had a collection, it meant they could all buy my book!

This very popular and funny hard back book has sold out and is currently being reprinted. Editions should be back in the book shops during May.


About Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair, often referred to as The Faster Pastor, has 30 years proven ministry as a pastor, speaker, published author and writer. His wife Marian is from Ghana and has been a minister in song for as many years. When Marian sings… expect an anointing!
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3 Responses to Fradley Advanced Motorcyclists

  1. A very charming post! I used to be biker years ago (last machine a BSA A10, that tells you how long) and was always struck not only by the generosity and warmth of fellow bikers but also by the wary suspicion of the general public. Moslems and hoodies know how we feel. Lovely people, all!

  2. Raquel Sims says:

    I wanna hear Marian sing!!!!

  3. Paul and Marian Sinclair

    We were heading back form a cold mid-month ride when we pulled in a McDonalds for a coffee before heading our separate ways. As we got our gear off we noticed a Motorcycle Hearse pull into the neighbouring service station car park and in no time we were rattling to Paul about his combination, within 2 minutes we were laughing.

    Well three months later I sent Paul an e-mail inviting him to our April meeting. Part of me pleased as it was a little less work I had to do at the meeting, part of me apprehensive “What if we had heard all his gags on the car park and that was it?” “How funny and indeed entertaining can a rotund Bald minister and a hearse be? (Sorry Paul)

    Well on the morning of our meeting Paul was there early, as the guys and Gals turned up on a sunny April morning there were more than a few turned heads at the site of a hearse in the car park. Well the meeting got under way and I handed over to Paul and Marian, Marian opened with a song and 40 hairy bikers and the odd none hairy lady all melted at her wonderful voice, I never imagined opening a biker meeting with a hymn! Then Paul talked about what he does and bits about his time as a minister and then on to his work with Biker style funerals and his Hearse business, we went out side and had a chat about the Triumph Hearse he had bought. I have to say we have all never laughed so much and the whole morning was just fantastic. Two weeks later I was on a group run and members were still talking about the day, the hearses, Paul and Marian.

    Cannot wait to meet up with Paul again and would absolutely recommend Paul and Marian to anyone’s and everyone’s bike events or evenings.

    Just remains for me to wish Paul and Marian all the luck and love in the world from me and all at Lichfield Advanced Motorcyclists Group and a big thank you for visiting and brightening up our morning

    Bill Hollingshead
    Lichfield Advanced Motorcyclists Group

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