Nuneaton URC

Paul and Marian went as a combination to Nuneaton’s best kept secret, the United Reformed Church. Honestly, what a sensational church. Nuneatoners walk past it every day and have no idea they have a place of beauty just steps away. The outside is so striking the Brazilians use it to feature Nuneaton:

I’ve held off on this blog entry simply because I lack good photos of my own, but I’ll take the plunge and try to convince you with words anyway. This magnificent church auditorium will easily seat 1000 folk and it’s dark wood has been kept in pristine condition.

Rev Helga

The auditorium was designed to be filled and it is our sincerest hope it will be filled again. I can just imagine the best preachers fighting to get in there to minister to a 1000 strong congregation. I spent near five years in training at Kensignton Temple, so I know it can be done and in here it can be done with class! What I love is the contrast between the Spurgionesque prince of preachers sanctuary style and the personality of Helga, a real pastor for the people. She doesn’t see herself standing before 1000 in there yet, but I do!

Rev'd Helga looking suspiciously pentecostal!

When my friend Mark Wilsmore and I were discussing the future of The Ace Cafe London and my launch of Motorcycle Funerals Limited many years ago he gave me a great pearl of wisdom, “you can’t compromise with nostalgia.” This is why The Ace Cafe has worked hard to sustain it’s British ‘Rockers’ theme and I have worked hard to ensure we offer only authentic motorcycles with sidecar hearses built to the standards of the best authentic British automobile hearses. This has paid off for both of us, for while we both incorprate modern computer systems and support equipment etc., we never mess with nostaligia.

Right here in central Nuneaton we find a great example of architectural nostalgia; something people pay money to visit in tourist London and Edinburgh, a perfectly presereved authentic British church. All it needs now is a resurgence in growth. Without doubt this United Reformed Church in Nuneaton is Nuneaton’s best kept secret and the real beauty is that it comes complete with a contemporay congregation and very caring pastor. If ever there was a church and congregation that deserved to see growth, this is it!

At our age we don't mind blurred photos!

Marian sang her heart out and I must confess my talk near enough drifted into stand-up, but still somehow communicated the Gospel and what we are about. Then the folks asked Marian to sing again. I must admit I thought she was great myself!

Afterwards we had a book signing and the Nuneaton bookshop almost opposite the church ran that side. I must give them a quick plug too, I’m not a great frequenter of Christian bookshops, but this one is well worth a visit. A lot of thought has gone into what they stock and how they present it too. It must be good because even I spent money in there!

If I was a betting man my tip would on Nuneaton United Reformed Church being the next mega church. It really is Nuneaton’s Best Kept Secret.


About Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair, often referred to as The Faster Pastor, has 30 years proven ministry as a pastor, speaker, published author and writer. His wife Marian is from Ghana and has been a minister in song for as many years. When Marian sings… expect an anointing!
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One Response to Nuneaton URC

  1. Rev'd Helga says:

    Paul and Marian were a real blessing to us and we had an amazing evening. Paul’s story had us laughing, crying, but also challenged as to how we engage as God’s people in this wonderful Town of Nuneaton. His wife has the voice of an angel and we wanted more and even more. Paul calls us Nuneaton best Kept secret but if I have my way,with God’s guidance, that wont continue for long. Neither will Paul and Marian remain a secret and word of their ministry has gone out far and wide-well within the URC circle anyway! The book is a must ‘Open on Sunday’s’ and he sold out on the evening -a real testimony. They are pearls -H

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